The ONE Content Strategy that supports your business AND your life... without needing to post everywhere, all the time.

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The secret to scaling your business starts with an effective content strategy.

Do You Want to Grow Your Business with Content that Drives the RIGHT Traffic & Leads?

No more feeling overwhelmed or wasting hours on your content strategy.

With the Create It Planner, we guide you through a proven 9-step content strategy that can attract your ideal clients and grow your business.

  • Start with your Goals

  • Define Your Audience

  • Plan Your Evergreen Content

  • Define Your Focus Content

  • Create & Plan Your Platform Plan

  • Create Your Content Batching Plan

  • Plan Your Month

  • Plan Your Week

  • Review What Worked

"Create It" is THE way to attract your
ideal customers with your content.

And No...
It's NOT Just Another Planner

Create It is designed to help you create your content strategy in a way that supports your business AND life goals.
By starting with the end in mind you can create a strategy for conversions and sales.

"Empowering Creators, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs to Master Their Content Strategy!"

No more wasting time...

Save time, boost your engagement, increase conversions and watch your business soar!

Start with our clear path and process.

No more trying to post everywhere, all the time.

What if it were actually EASIER than you thought to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Instead of wasting hours trying to master SEO and create content that pleases the search engines, what if you created content based on your business goals, uniquely as yourself?

Show up as YOU.

Your goal isn't to please Google, it's to attract your ideal customers and subscribers.

Create what they want.

Gone are the days of pushing the same content everywhere...

Choosing the right content for the right platform is much more valuable.

And no... you don't have to be on every platform.

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Content Marketing is Simply Marketing

Success with content marketing comes down to two things:

  • Consistently publishing good content (the more you do, the better it gets, start publishing NOW)

  • A solid distribution plan for the content you’ve already created

Creating “more” content won’t help you if no one is seeing the content you’ve already created.

We’ll guide you on using this planner to create a strategy that supports you and your business. When you’re planning your content (specifically using the monthly and weekly calendar), don’t forget to include what’s happening in your life.

You’re likelier to stick with a content strategy that fits into the bigger picture.

So, what's actually INSIDE of

Create It - The Content Planner?

  • Start with your Goals
    You’ll start with what you want to create in the next 12 months (think big picture, what are you creating all this content for?).

  • Define Your Audience
    You need to know who you’re creating your content for and how you want them to feel. Even if you’ve done this before, take a few minutes and define your audience here.

  • Plan Your Evergreen Content
    We want to help you get more leverage out of content you’ve already created, as well as understand how to create content that will stay relevant and speak to your audience.

  • Define Your Focus Content
    We have 3 buckets of Focus Content that will help you decide where to start creating your content and how it all fits together.

  • Create & Plan Your Platform Plan
    Share the right content to the right platforms and at the right time – and then double down on what’s working.

  • Create Your Content Batching Plan
    Not all content can (or should be) batched, but there is plenty you can batch to streamline your processes and save you and your business time.

  • Plan Your Month
    This is your monthly overview of your marketing efforts, not just your content. We also recommend you include life events to ensure your marketing works for your life.

  • Plan Your Week
    The weekly calendars might seem a little generic, but that’s the point. If you want to add times in, have at it. If you’d rather just put appointments down? That works too. Make it work for you.

  • Review What Worked
    Celebrate your wins, what you accomplished, and how the month went. From here you can jump into planning next month.

"What if you could reduce the hours you spend on content creation and focus on what you love - growing your business? With the Create It Planner, that's not a dream - it's reality!"



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Your success is our goal. That's why we back the Create It Planner with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel more organized and in control of your content strategy, we'll make it right.

Thank you for reading.

We look forward to hearing how Create It has revolutionized your business!

P.S. Don't forget, "Everything Is Content."


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Inside "Create It" you’ll discover the revolutionary content marketing strategy that has the potential to grow any business with a solid, organic content strategy.

Create It is designed to help you create your content strategy in a way that supports your business AND life goals.

By starting with the end in mind you can create a strategy for conversions and sales.

So, if you’re a creator, coach, or entrepreneur that’s looking for a sustainable content strategy that doesn't consume all your time and energy, AND attracts your ideal customer...

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Will Create It work for my business?

Create It is designed to be versatile and suitable for a wide range of businesses, especially creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Its foundation is based on universal content planning principles, ensuring it caters to diverse niches and industries. By following the 9-step content strategy in the planner, businesses can create, craft, and implement a tailored content strategy to reach their target audience and goals. While the results will vary based on factors like effort, implementation, and market dynamics, Create It provides a robust framework to guide your content planning journey.

Is Create It - The Content Planner, really FREE?

Yes! All I ask is that you pay the small, one-time $14.95 shipping, & handling fee, and we'll send you a physical version of 'Create It - The Content Planner' directly to where you live... PLUS we're giving you the PDF and Notion Planner as well! We believe in the value of this planner and want to make it accessible to as many creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs as possible.

What if Create It - The Content Planner, doesn't work for me?

This is highly unlikely. However, with that said, if you do not find a single shred of value contained within 'Create It - The Content Planner' and you can show us that you implemented the strategies, then we’ll refund your money and you can keep the book on us...;)

When will my free copy of 'Create It - The Content Planner' get to me?

After you've successfully placed your order, your free copy of 'Create It - The Content Planner' will be processed and shipped via USPS. Typically, deliveries within the United States typically arrive in 7 -10 business days.

Where can I order 'Create It - The Content Planner'?

You can order 'Create It - The Content Planner' right here on this page.

Create It is a planner and education platform tailored for creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

We make no claims or representations that by using Create It you will earn money or achieve specific results. Testimonials showcased are genuine experiences from paying users of Create It. Their outcomes are not standard, and your experience will vary based on the dedication and knowledge of yourself or your team, the strategies you apply, and external factors beyond anyone's influence.

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